Little Black Dress (LBD)

little black dress

The Little Black Dress or LBD like it is popularly known is one of those go to look when you are out of ideas. I mean it's just a plain black dress you cant really go wrong with anything black(no such thing as too much black lol). 
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Staying focused on your goals

Setting goals in life for anything is one of the ways we use to keep ourselves on track, but sometimes we can focus more on the thorns on our way, the obstacles and mountains that we end up being discouraged. I have decided to share 3 simple tips that will help you stay focused on your goals.
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Casual Summer Outfit

casual summer outfit
Living in the east coast means you pray for summer to finally come. Snow over here may not be as intense or crazy as it is in Russia and those countries but it is intense enough especially for us Africans that are not used to cold at all. Well summer is around the corner and i decided to do  a quick casual summer outfit idea for anyone that may be lost of ideas.
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5 Ways To Be Happier


how to be happy

Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone wants to be happy but sometimes we just don't seem to be. There are so many factors that can contribute to this, but the main thing is not being contented with ourselves. We always want to be like someone we think is amazing, but we tend to forget there is only one of us and each of us are unique and amazing in our own ways. I have recently started getting over my self-image and low self-esteem issues and have decided to give anyone that needs it 5 ways they can make themselves happier.
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Styling Vintage Jacket

styling vintage jacket
Vintage pieces are like treasures, it is unique, simple, different and most times one of a kind. When i saw this vintage jacket what caught my attention was the washed out feel to it, the color also drew my attention which is like different brown tones.  
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Spring Denim Style

how to style denim on denim

Denim on denim is one of those styles that never  goes out of style. It is as simple as wearing the same shade up and down, or you can be more daring and wear different shades like i did here. I dont own a lot of denim jackets, but even the one i own i am always out of ideas on ways to style it, and the typical denim jacket with denim jeans just always seems boring. But since spring is around the corner and with this bipolar Jersey weather, this is the perfect spring denim style.
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Irresistible me 8-in one curling wand (REVIEW)


Hello guys, this post is long over due. I was given  this 8 in one curling wand from, unfortunately i got heat damage after straightening my hair and couldnt use it because i didnt want more damage. Then i ended up cutting my hair and that pushed the full review back more, but i did do a very quick youtube video about it and decided to show you guys that. Once i get a weave or my hair grows out i will do another review showing you in detail how it really is, but before then check out this quick one i put together.
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